Disguise a Gingerbread Man Contest

The Gingerbread Man needs your help!
He’s looking for the perfect disguise so he won’t be recognized and eaten this holiday season.
You all did such a great job with the pumpkin decorating contest, so let’s kick-off the holiday season with another one! There’s no baking required, just follow the guidelines below and get creative.

The Rules Are Simple:

1. Print the Gingerbread Man template attached below.

2. Pick your favorite book character.

3. Decorate! You can use markers, colored, paper, felt, glue, glitter, etc. Get creative to disguise your Gingerbread Man as a book character.

4. Take a photo of your Gingerbread character, and make sure you aren’t in the picture.

5. Submit your photo to Miss Leah via email by Wednesday December 9th, no later than 3:30pm. lweidman@stphiliptheapostle.org 

6. VOTE! All students are encouraged to vote on Falcon’s Fables from Thursday December 10th through Saturday December 12th. Winner will be announced Monday December 14th.

We’re so excited to see what you come up with!
~ Ms. Natalie and Ms. Leah

7 thoughts on “Disguise a Gingerbread Man Contest

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    1. Miss Leah is putting all the entries into a Google Sheet. Voting will be available on Falcon’s Fables Thursday night! So please check back later.

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