Book Character Pumpkin Decorating Contest

We are in the midst of our 1st Annual Book Character Pumpkin Decorating Contest and it is proving to be a lot of fun! We got the idea from a Librarian Facebook Group and knew we had to bring the fun to SPAS.


While Halloween isn’t my favorite holiday, I just love Christmas a tad more, it is my close 2nd. I love the fall weather, such as it is in So. Cal. I love the excitement of planning a halloween costume and then seeing everyone dressed up! Of course I really love the candy, especially when you get to dump out your trick-or-treat bag at the end of the night and riffle through your loot. Also, Halloween just so happens to be my birthday. If there is any holiday to have a birthday on Halloween is it! The whole day is already a party. There really isn’t anything better.

If you haven’t ever seen the spookie decoration in the LC you should stop by. Starting on October 1st until the end of the month I love to decorate the LC. This year it’s been enhanced by all the fun book character pumpkins. It’s not to late to enter the contest either! So get creating and bring in a pumpkin decorated like your favorite book character by October 18, 2018. Voting begins in class October 22, 2018 and the winners will be announced at the Halloween Games on October 30, 2018.

Kinder through 2nd pumpkins can be found in the PLC and 3rd through 8th grade in the LC.

























Contest Rules:

The Learning Commons and Primary Learning Center are hosting the 1st Annual Book Character Pumpkin Contest. Any students in grades K-8th grade can participate. The rules are simple:
  1. Pumpkins should represent a favorite book character.  Think of your all time favorite book and the character you love!
  2. Start with a pumpkin of any shape or size
  3. To decorate you can use paper, glue, markers, pipe cleaners, fabric, or any other craft items glued onto your pumpkin. You may paint the pumpkin as well. Spray paint or permanent paint works best!
  4. Absolutely no carved pumpkins. Or no holes! 
  5. Turn in with your pumpkin and index card that  has the book character, the title of the book and author of the book written on the front side and your name, your teacher’s name and grade level on the back. See Ms. Natalie or Miss Malissa if you need an index card.
  6. Do not put your name anywhere on the pumpkin.
  7. Try to think of unique characters! Let your creativity soar!
  8. Only one pumpkin per student may be entered.
  9. You may receive help from family members.


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