Social Studies Super Tuesday Podcast Part 1

Photo credit: Nicolas Solop

Today, March 1 2016, is Super Tuesday!

Super Tuesday, generally, refers to a Tuesday during a Presidential primary season where a large number of primaries or caucuses occur. This year Super Tuesday has 12 state contests and a territory. For more information on Super Tuesday click here.

We discussed Super Tuesday, and the predictions, in all the Junior High Social Studies classes today and made it one of the topics for the next two podcasts. Today the boys’ team (Lorenzo, Steven, and Ryan) recorded the episode in this article during which we discussed: the 8th Grade Capstone project, Super Tuesday predictions, and the Supreme Court vacancy. Tomorrow the girls’ team will record an episode where we discuss the Capstone Project and the results from Super Tuesday. We’ve worked hard as a group to talk into the Microphones and reduce back ground noise as a result of pushing the audio tracks to high. I hope you’ll notice the improvements!

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