March Madness!

Who want’s to have some fun in the Primary Learning Center and Learning Commons?! I hope you are all shouting “me, me me”!

Here is how it works:

We have looked at circulation statistics for each class since the beginning of the year. Every time you checked in and out a book you gave your class one circulation. Based on this information your class has received a ranking. The rankings are as follows:

  1. 3A with 675 circulations
  2. 3B with 548 circulations
  3. 2B with 444 circulations
  4. KA with 366 circulations
  5. 1B with 323 circulations
  6. 2A with 314 circulations
  7. 1A with 298 circulations
  8. 4A with 238 circulations
  9. 5B with 236 circulationsmarch madness sign
  10. KB with 217 circulations
  11. 4B with 199 circulations
  12. 6A with 174 circulations
  13. 6B with 120 circulations
  14. 5A with 94 circulations
  15. 7A with 91 circulation
  16. 7B with 84 circulations
  17. 8B with 67 circulations
  18. 8A with 30 circulations

Each week you will compete against another class to see which class can check out and read the most books. For each book you check out your class gets 2 points. For each review you write about that book you will receive 3 points.

  • Circulations will be calculated each week. All you need to do is check out the books!
  • Reviews can be done in two ways based on which library you use.
    • PLC: Miss Malissa has book review forms you can fill out. Go see her to get one.
    • LC: Write your review on Destiny. After you are done get a review slip from the LC, fill it out and turn it in to receive your points.

Our March Madness bracket is located outside the PLC. Keep your eye on it each week to see the standings for each class.

GOOD LUCK! Prizes will be announced soon!

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