March Madness Update

March Madness is in full swing and the classes have really gotten into the spirit of our competition. Miss Malissa and I have been very busy tallying book reviews and totaling circulations. Phew the week was crazy! You can watch a little of today’s madness here:


Next week starts a new round. All classes that move on to the next round will start at 0 points again. Here are the results from this weeks matches. Some of these were really close! Good job everyone and congrats to the classes that are moving forward. For everyone who worked hard writing reviews and checking out books, WAY TO GO! You are all awesome!

  1. 7B vs. 5A: 16 to 320 (5A winner)
  2. 6A vs. KB: 454 to 209 (6A winner)
  3. 4A vs. 2A: 67 to 84 (2A winner)
  4. KA vs. 3B: 313 to 304 (KA winner)
  5. 8B vs. 6B: 84 to 48 (8A winner)
  6. 4B vs. 5B: 782 to 887 (5B winner)
  7. 1A vs. 1B: 53 to 134 (1B winner)
  8. 2B vs. 3A: 133 to 27 (2B winner)


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