Two weeks ago I wrote about the new Destiny Quest app. You can read about it here Since writing that post I have figured out the ins and outs of reading eBooks on your mobile devices. Quest works with another app called Follett Shelf. Together you can check out eBooks on your iPad or tablet. Pretty cool. While you can’t use the Quest App on a Nook or Kindle you CAN use the Follett Shelf on them. 

So here is the deal…

  1. If you plan on checking out eBooks on your device, you must have created a username and password in the library. You cannot check out if you do not log in.  If you need to create a username and password please stop by the library and we will help you!
  2. Download the Apps! Destiny Quest is much easier to use but you should also download Follett Shelf. Both can be found in the App store or Android market
  3. Once you have them on your device you will be asked to provide the URL for St. Philip’s Library. For Destiny Quest it is http://www.stphiliptheapostle.follettdestiny.com for Follett Shelf it is https://wbb08619.follettshelf.com
  4. Just like Destiny Quest is linked in a tab at the top of this blog so is Follett Shelf. If you just want to read eBooks I suggest using Follett Shelf as a starting point. 
  5. The best part about Destiny Quest/Follett Shelf is that you do not have to come to the library to check out an eBook. You can do it right from your device! The loan period is for 5 days. If you haven’t finished the book after the 5 days, just check it out again. If you have finished the book, please check it back in for others to enjoy. 

Once you start exploring you might realize that we don’t actually have THAT many eBooks. But fear not fellow falcons because I just placed a huge order for eBooks! Once everything has been processed they will be placed in our system and ready for immediate check out!

If you have any book suggestions don’t be afraid to let me know!

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