Thank You and Congratulations!

First I would love to give a huge THANK YOU to my library sub Ms. DiPietro. She did an amazing job taking control of the library while I was out on maternity leave. Which of course brings me to her wonderful idea of the Falcon Fall Reading Contest! Not only was the contest fun for all who participated but I found it enjoyable to watch. I think it was awesome to see students reading books, using Destiny Quest from home and school, and writing reviews! What a great way to stay involved in the library!

The contest ended a week ago and the winners were announce at morning announcements on Tuesday. Thank you to everyone who participated. Here are the winners:

K-2 Group: 1st place – Ava Dalawari KB
2nd place – Charlie Krappman KA
3rd place – Luke Roa 1A

3-5 Group: 1st place – Shaylin Jani 4B
2nd place – Daniella Salazar 3B
3rd place – Robert Giradello 5A

6-8 Group: 1st place – Elizabeth Nail 7B
2nd place – Julia Nail 7A
3rd place – Amanda Hill 6B

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