Librarian for the Day!

It is that time of year again! Today we had to special St. Philip’s students as Librarian’s for the Day. So I’m handing over the Falcon’s Fables to them so they can tell you about their day.

It was fun because it was the best day at the school for us. In the library we got to check out the books. We read to the kinder gardeners. My sister picked the books and she choose Arthur’s Underwear and Arthur’s Chicken Pox by Marc Brown.

We made a quiz for the third graders. It was about the library. Here are some of the questions we asked.

    1. What kind of reference tools do we have online? (Databases and Encyclopedias) 
    2. What type of book is the World Book? (Encyclopedia)
    3. What is our library website called? (The Falcon’s Fables)
    4. What type of library tool is an encyclopedia? (Reference tool)
    5. If you are reading a book and you don’t understand a word, what reference tool can you use to find the meaning of the word? (A dictionary)
    6. If you were trying to find a fiction book by Betty G. Birney what would the call number be? (FIC BIR)
    7. If you were to find a book on California, what part of the library would it be in? (The Non Fiction Section)
    8. Can you check out a reference book? (No)
    9. What are some ways in which you can use your Destiny Quest account? (Recommend books, write reviews, save books to lists, put books on hold, make friends)
    10. If you aren’t finished with your library book and it is due what can you do with your book to keep it for another week? (Renew it!)

If a student got the answer right, they would get a book from the book box to keep.

Today, was a lot of fun.


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