Great Books to Read Over the Summer (K-2)

This fictional story is based on the life of Mary Ann Goodnight, a pioneer who in the late 1800’s felt there was a need to save the buffalo from extinction. The character in the book is called Molly and it is only after she discovers two abandoned buffalo calves that she slowly starts the first heard of domestic buffalo.

 Jenny and the other city mice decide to go live by the sea where it is more peaceful. At first their new home seems perfect but soon they discover their island is not abandoned and they must contend with The Skog. Is he as scary as they all fear?

A simple book about Hondo the dog and Fabian the cat. Follow their daily actions from eating to sleeping, contending with baby and playing with friends. It is the illustrations by Peter McCarty that make this book a dream to read.

The Chinese have an ancient tradition of kite flying. This book follows a family as they create a dragon kite one windy summer day. As they watch the dragon soar in the sky and talk to the wind, they wonder what he is saying. 

This book is always a fun read!
A boy named Louis, his Uncle McAllister and a “wee bit of Scotland” in the form of a mysterious tadpole named Alphonse. Louis tries his best to nurture and feed Alphonse but when he starts to grow out of control Uncle Mc Allister admits that the tadpole came from a lake known as Loch Ness. Read along as Louis tries his best to build a safe and happy home for his beloved pet. 

The story of a boy who finds a treasure. When he discovers that people are after his treasure he creates Frog Belly Rat Bone, protector of the specks that are his treasure! This book is whimsical and fun. Timothy Basil Ering does a wonderful job of inspiring imagination and wonder.

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