Librarian for the Day!

It is that time of year again! Today we had to special St. Philip's students as Librarian's for the Day. So I'm handing over the Falcon's Fables to them so they can tell you about their day.It was fun because it was the best day at the school for us. In the library we got... Continue Reading →

Our Last Librarian of the Day.

As the school year rapidly comes to an end we welcomed our very last librarian of the day. Corinne Gray, 1st grader, was a delight to have as temporary librarian. She was happy and friendly with every student loving her beautiful smiles. As always I pass off the blog to her. Thank you Corinne!My name... Continue Reading →

Our 2nd Librarian of the Day!!!!

Falcon here again. I am just saying a quick hi and then turning the Falcon's Fables over to 1st grader Ryan Miller. He is the librarian today and has been doing a wonderful job. Every class received a free day and we listened to The Beatles because Ryan likes to play it on Rock Band!Hi I am... Continue Reading →

Librarian’s of the Day

Today the library had two very special guest librarians. Miss Sarah Hankins and Mr. Dylan Hankins. They are both in 6th grade and won the Librarian for the Day at the SP Auction. We have had so much fun today! They wanted to share the books they choose to read to the 1st grade classes.... Continue Reading →

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