Just One More Time!

I just couldn’t resist showing off a 4th grade Prezi in action. Andrew Huang and Ethan Gray chose to research Viking mythology as their religion. Many of the children who chose to research mythology found the topic a little more difficult. It took them into history requiring them to think about the type of people that would have worshiped god in such strange ways.
They did a wonderful job of presenting their research and putting together a creative Prezi.

If you would like to view just Andrew and Ethan’s Prezi you can view here.
As part of their assignment they had to choose another way to present their findings. Ethan and Andrew not only put together a great Prezi but they also wrote this delightful poem.
A Viking God Rhyme 
There is a woman named Freyda
Whose children are Frigg and Thor
Her Husband’s name is Odin
Who is the Viking God core.
If a NORSE person dies
Its not very cool
When they were buried
They were buried with every tool.

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