Spine Poem Contest Winners Announced

Congratulations to the winners of the spine poem contest.  The votes were close and I wasn't sure who was going to end up winning. In the end, our first place winner won by three votes. Without further ado here are the winners... 1st place goes to 4th grader Jericoh Santiago. Congratulations and come by the... Continue Reading →

Just One More Time!

I just couldn't resist showing off a 4th grade Prezi in action. Andrew Huang and Ethan Gray chose to research Viking mythology as their religion. Many of the children who chose to research mythology found the topic a little more difficult. It took them into history requiring them to think about the type of people... Continue Reading →

River Friendly River Wild

"A book about the nature of home, community and picking up the pieces" -BooklistRiver Friendly River Wild by Jane Kurtz is an inspiring free verse poetry and picture book based on the author's personal experience with a flood destroying her home. The book is special because it not only identifies with victim's of natural disasters but allows... Continue Reading →

Shrinking Days, Frosty Nights

This Falcon's favorite season is the fall. Sometimes, living in Southern California can be a bit of a disappointed when it comes to the fall. I long to see trees changing color, pick fresh apples, and feel the nippy air. Unfortunately, there aren't that many trees that change color, you have to drive pretty far to pick apples,... Continue Reading →

Los Gatos Black on Halloween

"Under October's luna, full and bright, the monsters are throwing a ball in the Haunted Hall. Las brujas come on their broomsticks. Los Muertos rise from their coffins to join the fun. Los Esqueletos rattle their bones as they dance though the door. And the scariest creatures of all? Wait until you see them!"This book is a... Continue Reading →

Q is for Question

The 4th graders spend their year in the library learning about the Dewey Decimal System. We start at the 000's and end at the 900's. Some of the 10 major Dewey categories are difficult to understand. For example the students first learn that the Dewey system is reserved for non-fiction books. Yet one of the... Continue Reading →

Librarian’s of the Day

Today the library had two very special guest librarians. Miss Sarah Hankins and Mr. Dylan Hankins. They are both in 6th grade and won the Librarian for the Day at the SP Auction. We have had so much fun today! They wanted to share the books they choose to read to the 1st grade classes.... Continue Reading →

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