Final round of 4th grade projects

We had the final round of 4th grade research presentations today. In case you don’t remember the 4th graders were asked to use the Dewey 200s section, Religion, and research a non Christian religion. They could work with partners or alone. They were given a list of options that allowed them to present their research creatively. One of the most popular option was the Prezi presentation. I posted about those here and here. Today I thought I would share some of the other presentations. I must say we have some very creative children. 
This is just a sampling of projects from 4A. 
Maggie Kiechler chose one of the more creative options. She made a menu that explained the god Artemis. 

But this is not your typical menu. My favorite option: The Trojan Horse served with a side of revenge!

Lily Mendez created a travel poster for a Hindu Temple. She made sure to include the etiquette that must be followed when visiting a Temple. 

These two post cards depict the Shinto religion. I love how they explain how to say Hello from Japan in Japanese. 

This is a book jacket for a book about a Buddhist Temple. I forgot to take a picture of the inside but the description of her research was very witty. 

The front cover of another beautifully done book jacket. 

I love Gabriel’s passion!

Megan and Molly decided to be fashion designers!

I just adore this book jacket. The artwork is well thought out!

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