Just thought I would write a quick little post announcing the use of Twitter in the library. I actually set up a twitter account at the beginning of the school year after I came back from my conference in Minneapolis. I was inspired by technology use in school libraries. But, then I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go from there. Of all the ways to use technology in our daily lives I’ve never been one to pick up my phone and tweet my life away. I just haven’t latched onto personal tweets. Yet, over the past year I have found myself to be a follower on twitter. I sign up to follow mommy blogs, cloth diaper sites, historical costumers and photographers (I have a lot of hobbies). What I have come to realized is that I enjoy twitter as a place to learn about updates from my favorite people who offer tips and trick for all my hobbies and interests.

Recently I thought using twitter in this way was the way to go with The Falcon’s Fables. If my goal for this blog is to keep the St. Philips community informed of various reference tools as well as report on classes and events, Twitter seems like a logical step in the process. Not meant to replace blog posts where I can get more in depth, I want Twitter to offer small nuggets of information that I think would be useful to our parents and students alike. I have started following various children’s authors on twitter as well as other school librarians. I think it will be nice to occasionally have the library classes compose tweets of their own. I know they will be excited to share a book they have read or lesson learned.

I hope you all follow @FalconsFables on Twitter. 

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