Today, kindergarten is checking out books for the first time. They have spent the past month learning about the library. They know to use their whisper voices, not to run in the library and to treat the books with respect.

I love to see them carefully turning each page and gently setting the books on the counter. Of course there are the times when excitement gets the better of them and they turn the page a little too fast but often they realize what they are doing and fix it.

They have also learned how to use shelf markers. These handle “bookmarks” teach the children that each book has a specific home on the shelf. They have to remember to use their shelf marker and then located it again when they are done reading a book. They have quickly learned how frustrating and sad it is when you can’t find a book because someone did not put it in it’s proper home.

I hope you take the time to read their library books as a family. There were some great choices!

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