First graders and computers.

It is always such an adventure teaching the 1st grade classes to use Destiny Quest, our cataloging system. After teaching this particular lesson for three years now I think I finally have it figured out. Divide the class into the smallest possible groups. DUH. I have tried teaching as a whole group but we don’t have a projector in the library so they really didn’t get it. I have tried pairing them up but they tended to argue over who was going to control the mouse. As you know, the library class is already small with just half a class coming at a time. Now, on computer day I divide them up even further. While one half works on computers the other gets to explore and read. I think everyone really enjoys working this way. There is more excitement over book discovery. It is almost as if they suddenly realize how easy it is to find hidden treasures.

As for the children on the computers, they can now log into their Destiny accounts with their username and password. They can search for books by reading level and subject. They can write book reviews and make recommendations to their friends. How fun!

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