An Exciting Adventure.

As a member of the ALA (American Library Association) and their subdivision the AASL (School Libraries) I have the opportunity to attend the AASL annual conference in Minneapolis Minnesota. I will be heading to the Twin cities next Wednesday with Edwin and Mr. W in tow. I can’t leave my baby, he depends on me for food! Anyway, I just thought I would share some of the activities I am looking forward to doing and the workshops I plan to attend. I know I am going to learn so much and come home with a wealth of information and ideas! I am beyond excited!!!!

One of the most exciting events will be a school tour. This is an extra activity that I had to preregister for. I will be touring St. Paul Academy’s K-5 library. From the description I have a feeling that this is a very big school. It seems to have two campuses, one for K-5 and the other 6-12. In total there are two libraries with a combined library collection of over 55,000 books, videos, DVDs, CDs, audiobooks and e-books for use by the SPA (funny) community. To put it in perspective, our library has a collection of about 5,500 books.

I have two main goals for my workshop experience.

  1. Gather as much information as I can on research tools and internet safety. I feel like there is a wealth of information thrown at our students but they need to have the skills to weed through it and find the best information for them. Two years ago I started working with the 5th grade classes in hopes of preparing them for Jr. High and beyond. I have hit some roadblock. Looking over the various workshops and sessions I know I will be returning full of new ideas and lessons for the 5th grade library classes.
  2. Most school libraries try to collaborate with homeroom teachers to create an integrated program. I feel that our library, small as it is, tends to be under utilized. After three years of growing into my position and planting personal roots in the library I feel it is time to push a teeny bit. Since this is my first librarian job I am excited to see how other school librarians and teachers collaborate. 
So Here is a list of workshops that caught my as possible sessions that fit the bill. Of course I can’t attend them all so I am still narrowing it down. If only I was Hermione Granger and had a Time Turner! 

  • Be Internet Savvy: Creating an Internet Safety Program at your School
  • Reading, Research, and Reaching Students: Pairing of Nonfiction Books and Fiction Books as Motivation for Improving Personal and Aesthetic Growth
  • Lesson Study: School Librarians Improving Their Instructional Practice
  • Google Docs and Other Apps for School Library Programs: Create and Collaborate!
  • Using Library Resources for Character Education
  • 21st Century Tools for 21st Center Learners
  • Empowering Students through Self-Assessment
  • Understanding by Design (UBD) and Standards for the 21st Century Learner: A Winning Combination for Writing Library Curriculum
  • Tricky but Not Impossible – Smart Inclusion Strategies for School Librarians
  • Helping Students Manage the Research Process: The Research Project Calculator
  • Tag — You’re It! – Becoming Visible and Vital
  • Reading 2.0 Integrating Technology into Reading Instruction
  • Turn the Page to Create a Resilient School Library
  • Creating a Climate of Collaboration
  • Apps United: Advocate Your Program Through Google Apps

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