Bats in the Library

Every year I look forward to Halloween. It is certainly my favorite holiday. I love decorating the library and reading the children Halloween stories. Usually I stretch cobwebs all over my desk. They extend from shelf to shelf giving the library a haunted look. This year is no exception. The first of October came around and I had out my cobwebs and spiders.

While walking into the library today one of the kindergarteners exclaimed, while flapping his jacket wings,  “WOW! I sure am glad there are webs in here cause I am a bat!”  I had to laugh because one, my spiders and cobwebs have never made me think of bats before and two, because I had planned to read a “batty” book. I love when little things in life manage to tie into each other unexpectedly.

Bats at the Library written and Illustrated by Brian Lies is a charming book depicting a group of bats who learn that the local librarian has left a window open. The bats love “Bat Night at the Library”, often hoping the librarian will forget to shut her window. They fly in ready to explore and read their favorite books. The best part of their adventure is story time, when each bat becomes lost in the world of imagination.

Brian Lies’ illustrations draw you in with a beautiful combination of texture and light. That bats seem to glow in the darkness. This book is perfect to read on a cozy rainy day by the fire. Young and old will be charmed by the bats adventure into the world of books and imagination.

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