For the Love of Soccer!

Three-time world cup champion Pelè has written a children’s book about his passion for soccer. Part biography and part simple enthusiasm for an exciting game this book is thrilling in both text and illustration. We are lucky enough to have two versions of the book in our library; one in Spanish and one in English. Both books have you join Pelè as he celebrates the thrills of his favorite sport. For the Love of Soccer  is particularly fun because the illustrator, Frank Morrison accompanies Pelè’s words with two stories. The first story is of Pelè’s rise to fame. The second of a young fan’s enthusiastic journey to follow in his hero’s footsteps. Both stories are told through illustration to accompany Pelè’s words. Read the book if you too love soccer. Read the book because it shares the importance of team work and working hard to achieve your goals. Read the book in Spanish to improve your understanding of the language. It doesn’t matter if  you call the game soccer or football this book is a fun read in either language.

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