Research Projects

As your child gets older you will notice they are required to do more and more research projects. This can be daunting for both parents and children unless you are a member of the rare few who take to research like a pig to mud. I confess I belong to this piggy little group. I become giddy with excitement when I have research to do. It is my own special quest and I can’t wait to fight my way through the world of information and come out triumphant. I fancy myself a warrior of knowledge; a blend of the Greek goddesses Athena and Sophia. I have the wisdom to know when to accept the information as fact and when to say “NO, you are not good information”. I attack quickly only accepting gifts of knowledge than will take me further on my journey and in no way hinder my progress. I know how to find knowledge!!!!!

You are probably saying, “Ok, Falcon! Lets not get carried away in the world of imagination and plant ourselves firmly back on the ground. How can I wade through all the information available to me to find the answers I need?”

Lucky for you SP is doing a wonderful job of supplying the tools to help you in your quest for knowledge. Over the next few weeks I will periodically blog about ways to research. We will talk libraries, the internet and even online journals and resources that take you away from the World Wide Web.

Today I want to present you with a gift. Something that SP is providing for you that you can access from home. It’s quick, it’s easy and the best starting out point for your quest! Drum roll please………………

WORLD BOOK ONLINE!!!!!! An encyclopedia is a wonderful tool or should I say weapon, against all the false and misleading information threatening to hinder your quest. It provides you with basic information on any topic you can dream up. While the information is not in depth, it certainly gets those wheels spinning, allowing your brain to plot and plan the next steps in your quest. It helps you answer the question, “where to now?”

You don’t need to head to the library or risk getting attacked by bad information from the internet. Just go to and enter philipschool as your username and falcon as your password. AND have fun!!!!!!

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