Librarian of the day- Celeste Teran

Hello, I am Celeste and I today I am librarian of the day. I have had a wonderful experience here stamping all the books. At first I stumbled a little by stamping the dates backwards, but then I improved a little. Anyway, I recommend the book  A Nest for Celeste. Not only does this have my name, but this book also talks about a mouse that gets treated badly by two mean rats, which eventually die because a cat eats them. Due to the rats dying, it is up to Celeste to find food in the outside world. In her journey she meets humans that either want to kill or help her. I also recommend this book to readers that like adventurous books and realistic fiction. Read  A Nest for Celeste now in the learning comments.



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  1. Hi Celeste, I’m glad you’re having fun. Do you think my first graders might enjoy this book? Of course I would read it to them during story time. Ms.Gonzales

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