Mr. Tiger Goes Wild

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 9.58.56 AMLast week I posted a video of author Aaron Becker explaining his “journey” in making his book Journey. You can watch it here. Today I would like to show you another great video of an author/illustrator explaining his process. Mr. Tiger Goes Wild is by Peter Brown and one of the books the students have been reviewing for our Mock Caldecott. This book is proving to be a favorite among the students and if I must admit, one of my personal favorites. After watching Peter Brown explain his process I appreciate the book even more. Sometimes, as a reader, I find it difficult to name exactly what makes a book so interesting to me. Perhaps I’m not as in tune with my artistic side as other but I don’t always see the obvious factors. While reading this book to my K-2 classes and listening to their interpretations I became much more aware of the story Peter Brown is telling. Perhaps, like a true Caldecott book, Mr. Tiger Goes Wild really does prove that it was written for children. Each class understood the illustrations and was able to point out visual cues that I did not notice right away. I think Peter Brown would be happy to know that the overwhelming favorite part of the book is when Mr. Tiger goes completely wild, ditching his clothes to be free and Naked!

[vimeo 80293481]


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