Mock Caldecott Results

Right after we announced the Mock Caldecott results things got busy in the Learning Commons. It’s almost my lunch break but I need to get our results posted and it seems now is the time to do it!

Just like every other year we’ve had some hits and misses in the books the school picked compared to the Caldecott winning books. Some of the favorites and most well loved books didn’t get a mention in any of the Youth Media awards. While I think it would be pretty cool to one day pick the actually Caldecott winning book it’s fun to see the pride our students take in sticking by their choice. Without further ado……

SPAS 2018 Mock Caldecott Award Goes To

Red & Lulu by Matt Tavares

This book immediately touched the hearts of the students. Without fail, every single time it was read I would hear students lamenting the loss of the birds tree while resolutely following the tree with Red. There was something about the cold and snow that really got to the kids.

Then, inevitably, our students would shout with joy when Lulu was finally spotted. They particularly loved the page where Red flew into the tree and we see Lulu peaking out and when the page is turned, pure excitement as the two birds are reunited.

I must admit, as a bird lover, I had a soft spot for this book from the start. I kept a secret hope that Red & Lulu would make it into our top 3. As I listened to the students vocalize their excitement during the weeks of the Mock Caldecott I could tell the book was on track to be a winner.

Our Honor books Were

After the Fall by Dan Santat
Claymates by Dev Petty
Big Cat, Little Cat by Elisha Cooper
The Wolf the Duck and the Mouse by Mac Barnett

To round out the top 5. This years Caldecott winning book came in at number ten for us, which is pretty good considering last year’s winner wasn’t a part of our Mock Caldecott at all.

2018 Caldecott book, The Wolf in The Snow by Matthew Cordell

All in all, I think it was another fun and successful Mock Caldecott. I really enjoy seeing the students excitement over the books.

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