Return of the Junior High Social Studies Podcast.

Photo credit: Nicolas Solop

Last year, with all the great new possibilities brought to us through the Learning Commons, we began a podcast series around Social Studies. This year our 7th grade students have taken up the cause mid year and we have two wonderful podcasts to present to you. The first is on a novel the 7th grade read in Social Studies and Language Arts titled The Blood Red Horse; which is the first book in a trilogy about a noble family in Britain that takes up the call for the 3rd Crusade. It is historical fiction and was read while the students studied Feudal Europe and the Crusades in Social Studies. The second podcast is the result of student inquiry; they decided they wanted to tackle the idea of the Electoral College and how it works in our country. It is a well sourced podcast in which several members cite sources and use quotations from them. I hope you enjoy, be sure to leave comments on how you think the students can improve. The entire point of this is to expose the students to different mediums of communication through technology and research.

The Blood Red Horse and the Crusades podcast:

The Electoral College podcast:


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