Mock Caldecott Results

After a break from Mock Caldecott we held it again this year. The Learning Commons allowed all students to be involved. Just like previous years the students voted on preselected books. They were asked to read the book and then critique it with a series of questions based on the Caldecott criteria. This year we introduced voting by Google Forms, which worked out quite well. After two weeks of reading and critiquing St. Philip students have had their say. The Mock Caldecott winning books for 2017 are:

Our number one book! I overheard many student’s proclaiming how much they loved this book and all the hidden details in the illustrations. 


Soft and magical I can see why this was a school favorite. 
This was a personal favorite and I was really cheering this book on. The younger students loved discussing how the cat was different. 
Alway a crowed favorite it is no surprise our students choose the latest Jon Klassen hat book. I don’t blame them, Mr. Klassen really knows how to keep his hat series unique and interesting. 
This is such a sweet book I can understand why the students gravitated toward it. 

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