Reading Challenge Prizes

I hope you are all enjoying the reading challenge. I have had fun interacting with the participants on We have had a few students complete some tasks and many more making plans and deciding on books to read. If, by chance you have no idea what the reading challenge is please go read all about this exciting quest! The Mid Winter Reading Challenge post can be found here!

I know you have been waiting to hear about the prizes for earning points. Well, here they are!

If you earn 20 points you will receive a winter themed bookmark.
If you earn 50 points you will receive the very cool READ temporary tattoo!

If you earn 100 points you will receive a Reading is Cool penguin pencil.
If you earn 120 points you will receive one of the famous Dewey Ducks.
Cherry on Top
Finally, if you complete the challenge and earn 145 points you will not only receive a Cherry on Top gift certificate but will also be entered into the grand prize drawing.
Be a Librarian for the Day

The grand prize winner will win a chance to be a librarian for the day. You will get to plan classes, read to the children, check in and out books, write a blog and more. You will also get to have a picnic lunch in the library with three of your friends.

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