Mid-Winter Reading Challenge.


Calling Falcons of all grades! Take the mid-winter reading challenge to help chase those after Christmas Blues away.

Inspired by The Mighty Little Librarian’s January and February Book Challenge

The Details:

The challenge is open to all grades but you must join the Mid-Winter Reading Challenge Course on schoology.com To join go to the website and join as a student. You will be asked to enter the access code F5SJH-Z2653 and create an account. Please ask your parents for permission or help. If you do not have an email address of your own then ask your parents if you can use theirs.

Once you have joined the course you can participate in the challenge by reading books from each task. There are 15 tasks in total that are worth 5-15 points each. Every time you complete a task you must take the quiz that goes along with it. The quizzes can be found in the Mid-Winter Reading Challenge Course on schoology.com After you have taken the quiz I will award you the points. Here is the list of tasks.

The nice thing about using schoology.com to participate is that you will have a grade book where you can keep track of all your completed quizzes. If for some reason I didn’t award you the points for your task I will leave you a note telling you why and how to fix it.

You can also participate in discussions about the books you have read and the tasks you have completed. Just look for the discussions section in the course.

Prizes will be given based on how many points you received. I will announce the prize list at a later date.

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  1. They should get 20 points for reading a book about an important historical figure from the period they are studying in Social Studies! 😛

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