Using Google Forms to Create Tests and Quizzes

When I first learned about Google Apps I was very impressed with a little thing called Forms. Forms allows you to create anything from surveys to tests and quizzes. You can select ways in which your students answer the questions and then share the test with them. A spread sheet is automatically created in you Drive and all responses are entered. There is also a summary option that collects the data and organizes it in a way that allows you to view all responses together. This is especially useful if you create a multiple choice test.

Watch the following videos to learn how to use Forms for tests and quizzes.


This next video explains how to start your form including the options for set up.



Part 3 shows the various options for creating questions and how to make sure you include a way for your students to provide you with their names.



Part 4 explains how to share your quiz with your students. This can be done via email or by putting the quiz on your homework page.



Please note! If you want to share your quiz on your homework page you will need to select the Edit HTML Source button. It is located at the top of your edit page in the tool bar on the right side of the screen. The button says HTML. A box pops up where you can paste your copied code. To paste press Ctrl V

To copy the code click on the embed option when you are editing your form. This option is found in the More Actions button on the top right side of the page. A box pops up and all you need to do is press Ctrl C.

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