How to Upload a File to Your Google Drive

You really want to consider uploading all your important files to your Google Drive. It is it a great way to back everything up and ensure that your files are always available to you even if your computer dies. The steps are quite easy and fast. Watch the tutorial and look for the written directions below.


Check your settings:

  1. Open up your Google Drive
  2. Look to the right side of the screen and click the Settings button. It looks like a little cog.
  3. From the Settings button select Upload Settings and make sure both of the following are checked. If these settings are not selected you will not be able to edit your file in Google Docs.
  • Convert uploaded files to Google Docs format
  • Confirm settings before each upload (this one makes sure Google always double checks that you want to convert your files to Google Docs format)

Upload your file:

  1. Navigate to the left side of your screen.
  2. Click the button next to Create. It is the upload button
  3. Choose the file you wish to upload
  4. Click Open
  5. A box should appear that asks you to confirm that you want to convert your file. If  you want to be able to edit your file you will want it to be converted.
  6. Once the upload is complete it will appear as a new file in your Drive. You can then click on the file to edit it.

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