The Falcon here, reporting from the St. Philip’s Library. It is 10:00 am on Friday and 1st grade has just come in to check out books. I was wondering……what are their favorite books?

According to AJ Miera “The Official Pokemon Handbooks is about Pokemon and it tells you about them.” When asked AJ told us his favorite Pokemon are Pikachu and Gyarados!

And now we have Christopher Tom. “My favorite books in the library are the I Spy book because whenever somebody looses something it will be easier to find it”.

Mason Pereira says “Amazing Sharks is my favorite book because it tell you a lot of interesting facts about sharks. Interesting was one of our spelling words and we had our spelling test before snack.” Sounds awesome Mason I hope you get 100% on your test!

Oh I just heard Gabriel Powell asking to be interviewed. Gabriel is one of our most enthusiastic library users. What do you have to say Gabriel? “I want to read I Spy Golden Challenge. A Book of Picture Riddles. And what is going to be in it is a sand castle page on page 10. The shelf page is on page 18. The puppet theater is on page 20. The obstacle page is on page 30. The art page is on page 26. I like this book because of all the riddles and I get to see what they are look for”.

Next up is Angelina Arevalos. “Arthurs Underpants is my favorite library book because it’s funny.”

One of our most eager library user is Brooke Colton. “My favorite book is Pinkalicious because she turns pink”. Thank you Brooke!

Miss Emma Gunn would like to say “my favorite book is Grace for President because I like Presidents and I want to be president one day!” Well Emma I will be proud to say the I was once the librarian to President Emma Gunn!

Lastly is the wonderful Claire Altovar! She is one of our most sweet and quite library users. “My favorite book is Lady Bug Girl because she goes on an adventure”.

Well thats it from Library Land. This is The Falcon signing off!


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