Fanatic Friday

You may not know this but The Falcon is crazy about nonfictions books. So crazy she verges on fanatical. So every Friday we are going to delve into the nonfiction section of the library. This section contains the world’s information and therefore offers the reader a chance to discover the world, universe and perhaps beyond. There are days when I walk the aisles of the nonfiction section randomly pulling out books to look at. Usually this results in hours spent reading about the life of Jesus, the red-eyed tree frogs, how bridges are built or the life of a Japanese Samurai. Not to mention any other topic these Falcon fingers happen to land on.  Every foray into the nonfiction stacks is a new adventure. I fancy myself Ferdinand Magellan, sailing the high seas that are the library stacks, not knowing what new discovery is just down the aisle.

You too can be an explorer. Whether you are looking for specific information or just want to learn something new it can be found in the nonfiction section. Try it! Walk down an aisle. Put your hand on the spines of the books and move until you feel like stopping. What book is your finger touching? Pick it up look at it. Maybe you found a book on the rain forest. Perhaps a cool cookbook or encyclopedia of cat breeds. Your finger could be touching a book all about football or how the American presidency works. You could be looking at a book about Brazil or folk tales from medieval Europe. The possibilities are endless and so exciting

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