Join The Falcon to learn about the latest St. Philip library happenings. Here you can read about the newest library books and discover what the library is all about. Also look for blogs about books, authors and illustrators. Don’t be afraid to share your comments and participate! The Falcon would love to hear your opinions about books you have read or would like to read.


The mission of the St. Philip the Apostle School Library is to provide students and staff with activities and resources that will assist them in effective and discriminating use of information. The library program promotes reading for enjoyment and information. Both physical and virtual access to materials in all formats is provided to cultivate reading proficiency and understanding. The library and classroom teachers work together to design learning experiences to meet the needs of all students. By the time the student graduates from SPAS they will have the skill sets necessary to succeed in High School and College.


  1. Students will become active users and locators of information to solve problems and satisfy their own curiosity.

  2. Students will foster a love of reading and form an appreciation of various forms of literature.

  3. Students will become a competent 21st century learner able to access, evaluate, and ethically use information from a variety of sources.

  4. Students will have the technological skills to produce projects and reports using multimedia programs.

  5. Students will have the vital skills to participate responsibly as digital citizens.


I have now been at the helm of the St. Philip’s Library for 4 years. From the first day when there were hardly any books to today with overflowing shelves, I have shared my love for reading and knowledge with each student.  This blog has been a wonderful experience and am so happy to share my thought and ideas with the school community.

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