Check out two awesome recommendations from our Librarians of the Day below.

I like the book, Everyone Loves Bacon by Kelly Dipucchio because I personally LOVE bacon and it’s easy to read. I think it is just a nice story. The pictures look like a cartoon and I like cartoons. It is a book about a lot of foods who really like bacon and some who don’t. Reading the book makes me want to eat lots and lots and lots of bacon!

By: Librarian Lacey Mayer ’24

I recommend the book, Around the World by Matt Phelan to people who like graphic novels and historical fiction. It is about 3 characters, Thomas Stevens who invented the bicycle, Joshua Slocum, a mariner, and Nellie Bly, a girl reporter. It tells the story about how they become famous. I liked this book because the pictures are very detailed and I like to draw. The illustrations were done in pencil, ink, gouache, and watercolor. Watercolor and sketches are my favorite types of art style. Check out the book in the Learning Commons!

By: Librarian Katie Bauer ’22


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