4th Grade and the Dewey Decimal System

The 4th graders are winding down their year long study of the Dewey Decimal System. They have participated in activities such as answering questions from the philosophy box to researching social activists. Their last activity of the year was inspired by the book Eureka!: poems about inventors by Joyce Sidman. In the book, Sidman explores famous and less famous inventors and the inventions that somehow changed the world. It is quite a fun read. Our 4th grades spent two class periods exploring the Dewey 600’s section of the library. They were asked to choose and inventor or invention to learn about. After some research they could write a poem, in any style, about their research. Here are some of the poems they came up with.

Electric Cars by Alejandro Leyva 

Let’s talk about cars

They are now electric

You might think that is crazy

This might make you hazy

Cars now run with sockets

This puts cash in your pockets

Developed by Ford

They charge with a cord

You save a lot of cash

Because you don’t use gas

Let gas be a thing of the past!

Works Cited: Piddok, Charles. Future Tech. Washington, D.C.: National Geographic Society, 2009.

Microphone by Reagan Bean

First made by Scottish born inventor Alexander Grahm Bell. It was made for telephones to tell.

Then made of 3 nails and wooden block. You could hear it from another block if someone would dare to talk.

Performers hold them in their hand. Other people use a stand.

Boom miss are held up high. Almost reaching the sky.

Microphones are helpful things. Please come and try them they do not sting.

Works Cited: Pohlmann, Ken C. “Microphone”. World Book Student, World Book, 2017. Accessed 7 June 2017

Phonograph by Daniela Rodriguez 

Put a disk in me

Wind me up and let my needle play

The turntable will be your dj, we will see

And when the song is done, come.

Works Cited: Pohlmann, Ken C. “Phonograph.” World Book Student, World Book, 2017. Accessed 7 June 2017

Bridges by Madison Wu

Building these walkways took a lot of work

Rickety bridges weren’t safe

Invented more than 4,500 years ago

Declared he conquered the ocean

Gread invention, but scary to walk on

Europe built walkways over rivers and marshes

Safter now, but not back then

Works Cited: Brisco, Diana. Bridge Building. Bloomington: Red Brick Learning, 2005.


Sonar by Catalina Kennedy 

S~speed powering

O~Observations that will help us learn more about the earth

N~Never ending discoveries

A~Always quiet to the human ear

R~Research helping

Works Cited: Hossell, Karen Price. Sonar. Chicago: Reed Elsevier, 2003






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