The Giving Tree

To begin the Holiday season, the first and second graders listened to the story of The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. The classes talked about what they are thankful for and what they can give to others this Holiday season. I was completely taken aback when I realized how kind, generous, and loving our students are. These are a handful of things our students are thankful for: love, family, friends, teachers, food, books, priests, and God. They wrote one thing they were thankful for on a green leaf. The kindergarten, first, and second grade classes discussed with their teacher what they wanted to give this Holiday season and wrote it on an apple. KA wants to give friendship, KB wants to give hugs, 1A wants to give love, 1B wants to give peace, 2A wants to give friendship, and 2B wants to give kindness. Together they made a beautiful giving tree on the bulletin board outside the Primary Learning Center. Special thanks goes to Falcon’s Nest leader, Hommzeus for drawing the little boy from the book.



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