So a mouse and some ninjas walked into a library and…


Happy Belated Birthday to California! September 9th was California’s birthday and first grade celebrated by reading one of my favorite books, Our California by Pam Munoz Ryan. They explored the amazing regions of California through the story and learned the meaning behind our state flag.


First and Second Grade learned how to be library ninjas. Library Ninjas are the best library keepers around! Their kickin’ skills are showing and the Primary Learning Center is looking really great!

Kindergarten is continuing their lessons on book care as they get ready to check out books during the first class of October. They started learning about a library mouse and are making booklets to take home to read and discuss with their parents.

Knock Knock!   Who’s there?   BRAND NEW TABLES AND CHAIRS! Classes have really been excited to see and use these new tables for activities. Bye-bye clipboards!


DSC_8921Last week was the start of celebrating our Librarians of the Week. They had an awesome time sitting in the “librarian of the week nook” for story time, scanning some books, and being all around AWESOME librarian helpers.                                                 Hooray for our librarians of the week!

KA- Jett Boquecosa             KB- Andrew Bergen

1A- Mariella Bicos                1B- Madison Bakula

2A- Jackson Bakula             2B- Hailey Bruna

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