First Classes in the Primary Learning Center


Hoooorawr for Kindergarten!! The kindergarteners participated in library tradition by being introduced to the Library Lion. They listened to the story, Library Lion by Michelle Knudsen, and talked about how they should act in a library based on what they learned from the book. Each of them took a ferociously adorable picture with the lion, as well as with their library groups.



I can already tell that First Grade Fridays are going to be filled with fun, fantastic, and fascinating adventures! During their first classes, they shared what they believed were important library rules and read the winner of last year’s Caldecott Award, Beekle. 

The Second Grade classes took tours of the new library and worked together to make library rules. They’ll use the next couple of weeks to familiarize themselves with the new library and practice their reading skills.

After their lessons on book care, they will start checking out books. Exciting and imaginative adventures await our new students this year and I am so glad to be a part of it!


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