Mock Caldecott: It’s all about the Illustrator!

It’s really cool when you think about how a book is illustrated. Sometimes the illustrator is the author of the book but other times an author writes a book, submits it to their publisher who then matches them up with an illustrator. The Illustrator is chosen because their work fits with the mood and theme of the book. Lets take a look at how some illustrators work!

Here we have Katherine Roy, author and illustrator of Neighborhood Sharks. I love this book because it feels like a picture book even though it is non-fiction. As for those intense sharks hunting illustrations, well its better than actual photographs! But seriously, people can be quite obsessed over sharks. I think the details in Katherine Roy’s illustrations are amazing and a perfect fit for this type of book.


Then there is Aaron Becker who wrote Journey and it’s sequel Quest which is one of our Caldecott contenders. Becker seems like a pretty cool guy and I love his inspiration for the Journey Trilogy.


I love Yuyi Morales! She isn’t just an illustrator in the traditional sense. She combines all types of medium to create her pictures. Watch her sculpt Frida’s body for Viva Frida.


Here is a video of Kadir Nelson author of Baby Bear. He explains his artwork and what inspires him.


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