Welcome Back!

Still working on getting the books organized by genre.

Welcome back to St. Philip’s and the brand new school year. I love the happy faces and excitement that comes with each new year. There is so much excitement. I also love that we ease into the year and start off right away with a three day weekend! Yahoo for holidays!

There are a few new changes to the library. When you come in you will noticed a some furniture moved around. We still have the chrome books for student research and I expect them to be used much more this year. Perhaps one of the most exciting changes is the addition of a class period for all Jr. High classes. Mrs. Bello has kindly supplied some of her class time. Once a week, each class will have the opportunity to come to the library during Religion. This time is meant to be used for research, study and checking out books for classes. I can’t explain how excited I am to get the Jr. High into the library.

Research and study area.

Very soon, the way the databases are accessed through the library will change. In the coming weeks they will no longer be linked on this blog. They will be fully integrated and searchable through Destiny Quest.  The app is called One Search and it works with Destiny. All you will need is your Destiny login information to access the databases. After I show all the classes how it works I will delete the links from the database page on this blog.

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