4th Grade Prezi Projects


It is that time of year again. 4th graders will be working on prezi.com to create a presentation about a book they read from the Religion section. Here are the guidelines for their presentation.

  1. Log into to Prezi under Ms. Natalie’s account. If you forgot the username or password, stop by the library to get it or go ahead and email me at nramirez@stphiliptheapostle.org
  2. Title your Prezi!!!! Your title should explain what your book is about in a few words and include your full name. For example: Bible Stories by Ms. Natalie
  3. Please make the first frame of your Prezi either a picture of the book or make sure it includes the Title and Author. It is really important that you do this. The world needs to know which book you read
  4. Don’t forget to save!!!!!!
  5. You have two weeks to complete your Prezi. Don’t forget you can always come into the library at lunch time to work on them 🙂

Check out this YouTube video to learn how to use Prezi.

Ms. Natalie

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