Reading Challenge Point Totals


I have tallied the first round of Reading Challenge points and there are a few people who have earned the first or second point level prizes. Congratulations to the following winners. Please come to the library to receive your level prize. Keep up the good work. Remember to complete the challenge you need to earn all the level prizes and be entered into the grand prize.

The level prizes are:

  1. 20pts earns you a bookmark
  2. 50pts earns you a READ temporary tattoo
  3. 100pts earns you a Reading is Cool Penguin Pencil
  4. 120pts earns you a Dewey Duck
  5. 145pts earns you a Cherry on Top gift card and an entry into the Librarian for the Day Grand Prize Drawing

The level prize winners for this week are:

  • Brandon Casini: 35pts
  • Will Dakan: 30pts
  • Heather Dopke: 65pts
  • Danay Dunn: 30pts
  • Jackson Dye: 50pts
  • Robert Giardello: 20pts
  • Ethan Gray: 66pts
  • Andrew Huang: 27pts
  • Shaylin Jani: 24pts
  • Kevin parada: 31pts
  • Lauren Pithey: 33pts
  • Mary Grace Salvatierra: 68pts
  • Gene Smith: 27pts
  • Miguel Talleda: 25pts
  • Mark Valenzuela: 35pts

Congratulations! Some of you aren’t far behind so keep up the good work and don’t forget, it’s not too late to join the challenge. You can read all about it on

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