Qualifying Books for the Falcon Fall Reading Contest 2012

 Types of Books that Qualify for the Contest:
  1. Any book under the Science Fiction Genre (To check if the book falls under Science Fiction look up your book in Destiny Quest.  Under “Narrow Your Search” click on “Genre.”  If “Science Fiction” is listed then the book qualifies.)
  2. Any Mystery Genre book
  3. Any Fiction books related to Fall or any Fall Holidays (Halloween, All Saints Day, Thanksgiving)
  4. Any Scary Story Books (i.e. Goose Bumps # FIC STI)
  5. Any Non-Fiction book related to Fall or any Fall Holidays (Halloween, All Saints Day, Thanksgiving)
  6. Any Non-Fiction Books related to myths of monsters (i.e. Zombies # 398 KRE)
  7. Any Non-Fiction Books related to animals, insects, arachnids, or reptiles related to the Fall Holidays previously mentioned (i.e. Spinning Spiders # 595.4 BER)
  8. Any Fiction or Non-Fiction Books related to Fall Sports including Football, Soccer, and Basketball
If you have a question about whether or not a book qualifies for the contest, please ask the librarian!
Qualifying Book Reviews:
  1. Your review must state something you specifically liked or disliked about the book.  It must convey that you have read the book! (i.e. I really liked this book because it had an unexpected ending.  Or, I didn’t like this book because the main character was too arrogant.
  2. If your book review is too short and not descriptive (for example, This book was good) it will not be accepted.  You will have to rewrite the review for it to qualify and help you earn raffle tickets.
  3. If your review spoils the ending of the story, your review will not qualify.
  4. If your review does not appear in Destiny Quest within 4 days of you writing it, then your review has either been rejected and you must rewrite it, or you must check with your librarian.
  5. Book reviews should be a minimum of 1-2 sentences long. 

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