If you haven’t heard…

The new databases are officially up and running. I have blogged about them quite a bit you can read about ABC CLEO Here and Proquest HERE. These subscription resources are truly amazing. In fact I believe they are vital to an education. Students must learn how to find reliable information beyond Google. Not that Google isn’t good; it just shouldn’t be the only place to find information. In fact, there is a world of free search engines out there that work differently than Google and return some amazing result. BUT that is an entirely different post.

If you missed my explanation of a database please read all about them HERE

Where will your research lead you?

I have tried to make accessing our subscription databases as easy as possible. Up at that top of the page is a tab title Databases. Once you click on it you will see a page with links and buttons to each of our subscriptions. Not every database offers a button or search widget. I hope the databases that are simple links don’t get lost among the ones with the fancy buttons. I have also included a small explanation of the purpose of each database. Some cover a full range of grade levels while others are more specific to younger or older students. Take your time to read about them and explore. Now is the best time to do this. It is better to have some knowledge of them before you have to use them for school work. That way when the time comes you already know which database will suit your needs.

Because they are paid subscriptions you need a password to log into them. To simplify this I divided up the databases by username and password.

As always, do not hesitate to comment below with questions or email me.

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