Rounding Out the Lineup!

I am very excited to announce our brand new database subscriptions from the well known ProQuest Databases. Touted as “indispensable research solutions that connect people and information” I was first introduced to it in high school. Since then I have been a loyal ProQuest user throughout my various careers as student and then educator. Last year I discovered that ProQuest offered services for the elementary library! After some investigation I realized these services were the perfect tools for our students as well as an excellent way to round out my goal of providing a place for our students to access accurate and safe information.

You may be asking yourself what is included in our new subscription. But first let me tell you that due to some glitch or error I can’t provide you with access to these just yet. I’m really disappointed because I want you to explore first hand. Until I hear back from ProQuest I can only paint a little picture of these powerful tools.

Here it is, strait from ProQuest

Makes learning fun and intuitive for young students
“The database includes carefully selected, 100% full-text articles and images from more than 1,900 domestic and international newspapers, magazines, and government documents, along with 9,000+ educational weblinks via the integrated Discoverer WebFind content set.”  

Concise, reliable, and up-to-date country reports delivering the world… to you
“CultureGrams helps researchers discover the world with concise cultural and statistical snapshots of every country recognized by the United Nations — from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. Local experts document the unique, intimate details of each country’s customs, traditions and daily life.”

The ultimate elementary reference resource
“Students of all ages use eLibrary Elementary’s powerful, yet engaging and easy-to-use search interface to find the answers they need from more than 140 magazines, newspapers, books, transcripts, maps, images, educator-approved websites from Homework Central®, plus audio/video titles, all selected as appropriate for elementary school studies.”

I feel like I’m writing a brochure for ProQuest!

But in all seriousness, I am very excited that the St. Philip’s Library is able to offer these resources to our students. In the coming weeks I will be posting much more about these databases and how best to utilize them. Also look for a post or update about how to access them from home or school.    

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