Dust Off the Books

I can’t believe another school year is here and I am starting my third year as the St. Philip Librarian. I am so grateful to share my passion for reading with the St. Philip community. We have some exciting things planned for the school year. First and foremost, we have decided that since library for grades K-5 is a class where they learn library skills, research tools and book appreciation the students will now receive a behavior and effort grade. I feel this will greatly benefit the classroom environment.

The look of the library has changed a bit. Sections have been moved around to better suit the needs of our smallest library patrons. Last year I moved the reading area and this year the Easy Readers have been moved to the shelves located in the reading area. Reference has been moved close to the computers, while Fictions books are located in the middle of the library in the taller shelves.

Lastly, the library will be receiving three laptop computers. We are getting these so the children can utilize our online systems to do research and work on homework without taking over the library computers. I am very excited to include these in class time. The children will be able to check out a laptop at lunchtime if they wish to work on assignments or do research.

OH! We also got a new American Girl doll. Meet Josephina

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