Come on FALL!

According to the calendar it is Fall. The time of year for frosty nights and chilly winds. Where we in Southern California hope to see some leaves change colors. We start buying pumpkins and planning our Halloween costumes. Its the time to enjoy fall sweaters with jeans and boots.

SO WHY IS IT SO SO SO SO HOT?!?!?!? Doesn’t the earth realize that the calendar has changed. We have moved from Summer to FALL. “Aye yai yai” Apparently the earth isn’t dictated by human inventions such as the calendar!

Since I AM dictated by the calendar (especially since I work at a school) I am going to stick firmly to the idea that it is indeed the Fall. In my imagination I am wearing a cute sweater with jeans and boots. I am surrounded by pumpkins and pine cones. I am browsing the library shelves for books about the fall….

…And what do I find? Fletcher and the Falling Leaves. This is one of my favorite books and quite an ironic find considering my current mood of longing for signs of Fall. Fletcher is a young fox who notices that the world around him is changing. Fletcher becomes very concerned when his favorite tree starts to look dry and brown. His mother explains that it is only Autumn and that the tree will be fine. While Fletcher tries to comfort the tree and have faith in his mother he becomes positively alarmed when the wind starts blowing the leaves off the tree. Poor Fletcher tries in vain to rescue the leaves and heal the tree.

“Round and round and round whirled Fletcher after the swirling leaves”

This is an adorable book about change and growing up. It teaches that each change is a bit of a miracle and the end result could be just as beautiful as the beginning. Truly this book warms the heart. With patience and careful education Fletcher begins to understand life.

While Fletcher and I differ, I am slightly desperate for the change of season and Fletcher is saddened and scared by it, I believe the hardest part of the process is waiting for whats next. Whether it is a well traveled experience, I myself have witnessed 27 changes of season, or your first time, patience makes the change all the better. You just might learn to enjoy change no matter how slow or fast it may be.

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