Library Statistics

I thought I would share with you some interesting SP Library statistics.
First, here are the top ten homerooms. These classes have checked out the most books this school year.

  1. 4B with  489 books.
  2. 4A with  364 books.
  3. 3A with  286 books
  4. 5B with  238 books.
  5. 2B with  229 books
  6. KA with 217 books
  7. 1B with  212 books
  8. 5A with 212 books
  9. 2A with 206 books
  10. KB with 205 books 

I think it is pretty cool that 3A, 2B, KA, 1B, 2A, and KB are in the top ten because they can’t come at their lunch time. Yahoo for checking out books!

Here are the top five titles in our library based on circulations from this school year.

  1. Amazing Animals of the World 3  with 30 check outs
  2. Dog Days by Jeff Kinney with 22 check outs
  3. Guinness World Records, 2008: Gamers Edition with 21 check outs
  4. How to draw Pokemon by Tracey West with 18 check outs
  5. Star Wars: Complete Cross-Sections by David Reynolds with 17 check outs 

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