Today we crowned Mary in our celebration mass with Grandparents and Special Friends. This beautiful tradition at St. Philip the Apostle school is held every May and combines sharing our school with special people and honoring the Mother of our Lord, the Virgin Mary. From singing songs in mass to partaking in the 7th grade... Continue Reading →

Rechenka’s Eggs

I hope everyone has a nice Easter break! I think we are all looking forward to spending time with our families. I just finished reading a sweet book by Patricia Polacco titled Rechenka's Eggs. It is the story of old Babushka who is known in her Russian village for painting the most beautiful Easter eggs.... Continue Reading →

River Friendly River Wild

"A book about the nature of home, community and picking up the pieces" -BooklistRiver Friendly River Wild by Jane Kurtz is an inspiring free verse poetry and picture book based on the author's personal experience with a flood destroying her home. The book is special because it not only identifies with victim's of natural disasters but allows... Continue Reading →

First Spring then Summer

As spring winds down to summer and we all look forward to days playing in the sun I thought I would share a thought provoking book that helps explain the question of which came first the chicken or the egg. First the Egg by Emmy Award winning artist Laura Vaccaro Seeger shows the reader many... Continue Reading →

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