Literary Halloween Costumes

It’s almost Halloween and that means it’s almost time to dress up as something you’ve always wanted to be or wish you could be. I love coming up with creative costumes and this year thought it would be fun to try my hand at making some literary costume ideas! I picked some of the more […]


Suggest a Book

We are getting ready to place some book orders and we want to know what books you would like to have in the library. If you are a St. Philips student please fill out this form as many times as you like with book suggestions! … [Read More...]


So a mouse and some ninjas walked into a library and…

Happy Belated Birthday to California! September 9th was California's birthday and first grade celebrated by reading one of my favorite books, Our California by Pam Munoz Ryan. They explored the amazing regions of California through the story and learned the meaning behind our state flag. First and Second Grade learned how to be library ninjas. Library Ninjas are the best library keepers around! Their kickin' skills are showing and the Primary Learning Center is looking really … [Read More...]

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 12.20.51 PM

Trying New Things

The Jr. High students have been asking about our new Go Pro so we set it up and tried it out for the first time! … [Read More...]

Students love to go into to the study room to work and read quietly.

A Dream Come True

Welcome back everyone. I am so excited to start this school year and I'm sure you can guess why. In thinking about what to write for this first blog post I kept remember all the changes I have seen at St. Philip's. If you didn't know I am a former student and have always felt that St. Philip's was my home. I love it here so let's get a little personal, this is a blog after all. As a St. Philip's Alumna I have seen this school go through huge changes. There are hardly any remnants of the days … [Read More...]


First Classes in the Primary Learning Center

Hoooorawr for Kindergarten!! The kindergarteners participated in library tradition by being introduced to the Library Lion. They listened to the story, Library Lion by Michelle Knudsen, and talked about how they should act in a library based on what they learned from the book. Each of them took a ferociously adorable picture with the lion, as well as with their library groups. I can already tell that First Grade Fridays are going to be filled with fun, fantastic, and fascinating … [Read More...]


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